Project ideas

The idea is to create a new version of one of the following works, using the laser cutter as the main tool. Also to create a design that can allow something like LED colored lights to replace the painting and ink that were used to make this works. That would allow them to change in time and also would open into a different aesthetical dimension. We could see how the process by which the  “works of art”, or image get completed as a sequence. That’s part of what’s missing in the existing pieces, we can only imagine how they were done, but we only get to see the final result of hundreds of repetitive simple actions.

The first is called “Spin wheel of fortune”  By spinning a roulette, we start collecting the results of the roulettes and also we begin to fill an empty grid with colors to visualize the results, and that way,  also revealing the tendency of the roulette.

We might build a new led displaying roulette and why not our own routes!

In any case, the goal is designing a piece that could be easily built and refurbished.  Meaning that the LEDs could be replaced easily.


3O LED lights instead of 30 shades of gray



ALEA JACTA EST Installation.



Another possibility would be doing an installation with laser cut cardboards with this pattern, that would be lit by a source coming from behind. The pieces would be hanging on the top of the space.

The space to be used could be dark, like the ITP documentation space.

People would be laying down on the floor to look at the piece hanging above them.

Maybe doing a Roulette clock?



Water cutters

Significant Benefits


Maximizes material yield

The precision with which the water stream cuts creates minimal kerf width allowing for tight tolerance and nesting capabilities. This in turn maximizes the yield of parts created per sheet of material.

You can stack material!

Since waterjet cutting is not a heat process there is no warping of materials cut.

Waterjet cutting can cut through nearly any material and at thicknesses of up to 5 inches. (Some companies claim that it can cut up to 10 inches)

Minimizes tooling costs

Can produce small volume and one-time runs without the added cost of tooling. Also high volume production.

Able to produce precision parts that conform to challenging design and quality criteria. The high-powered waterjet cutters can create complex 2D forms and difficult geometries that would be problematic to die cut or to stamp.

It is a no-heat process, so the substrate retains its integrity, and there is no work hardening, warping, or issues with thermal stress.

Since there is no tooling involved, waterjet cutting useful for small volumes or one-time runs, and with the precision of the water stream, we can make narrow kerf cuts, which enables tight nesting to achieve high material yield.

Can blast through material measuring up to 4.0″ thick while upholding tolerances as close as ±0.003″. Edges are smooth, and there is often no need for additional finishing.

With a 5.0′ long x 12.0′ wide bed size, we can create small to large sized parts quickly, accurately, and consistently.

Local providers


USA-Based. eMachineShop is headquartered in Mahwah, NJ where we not only produce and quality-control custom parts, but also provide world-class customer service. All shipping to the contiguous US is FREE.

FREE CAD Software with Built-in Pricing and Ordering. We changed the game for custom manufacturing with our FREE CAD Software. This streamlines the entire design and fabrication process. eMachineShop gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily design 2D and 3D custom parts in software connected directly to our production facility!


AXYZ International – New Jersey 24 World’s Fair Drive, Suite D Somerset, NJ, 08873  (ABOUT 2 hours and 10 minutes using public transportation from New York. Driving 1 hour 30 minutes)



Waterjet Cutter


National providers

2069 New Castle Road Route 422 Portersville, PA 16051 (6 HOURS DRIVE FROM NY

Suported sizes for manufactoring


Waterjet CNC cutting services. Capabilities include cutting sizes up to 275 in. long x 120 in. wide, with thickness up to 12 in., pressure up to 90,000 psi and tolerances to +/-0.003 in. SPECS BY Bassett industries inc

This depends on the machines owned by each company. (still pretty big size)

Software and file types


Free software specially for this matter:


You can also use any program to create vector shapes, such as Vectorworks, adobe illustrator, autocad, etc

File types (most commonly used)


SolidWorks (.SLDPRT)


Adobe Illustrator (.AI)


STL and OBJ files are accepted for 3D printing only.

Pricing, per parts, and if there is a tooling/ setup cost


Get an instant quote for your project:

For cost per hour, maintenance, and other…


Special design considerations (number of axis, strength of material, wall thickness)


The machine is designed for cutting from the zenith position. Some can do 3d cuts to create diagonals.

I inquired a company for carving work (a non cut through) and they said it could not be done.

Cutting Axis is the number of axes of motion a cutting machine is capable of cutting. 2-axis machines are used to cut flat sheet material while a 3-axis machine is used to cut three dimensional parts.



Shapes possible include 2D shapes with cutouts of almost any complexity. Examples of parts that are often cut this way include: Enclosures, Brackets, Robot Parts, Washers, Front Panels, Sheet Metal Boxes, Motorcycle Parts, Auto Parts, mechanisms, chassis, etc.




Almost any material, hard or soft, can be cut by waterjet: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Soft Gasket Material,Soft Polyurethane,Stainless Steel 304 and 316, Copper, Nylon, Steel, Acetal, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Fiberglass, Brass, Carbon fiber, PTFE, Titanium, ABS, PVC, Sterling Silver, Spring Steel, Bronze, Rubber, Foam, Cork

Marble, Laminates, Gasket material, Granite. Ceramics, Thin Foils, Paper, Glass Reinforced Composites, Glass Reinforced Polyurethane, Soft Gasket Material, Carpet, Carbon Fiber,

….and of course, it can also cut cookies!!! Buy it know!!!

Very few materials are impractical including some types of glass and some types of wood


What are the advantages of using our Abrasivejet technology Vs. other machining processes?


Abrasive Waterjet Vs. Wire EDM-

5-10 times faster

Cuts conductive and nonconductive materials

Can pierce directly through material

No heat affected zone

Abrasive Waterjet Vs. Laser Cutting-

Cut parts up to 5″ thick in virtually any material

No heat affected zone

Comparable accuracy

No toxic fumes form unknown or weird materials


Stacking of material allowed


Abrasive Waterjet Vs. Machining Centers-

Quicker setup time

One tool drills, profile cuts, saws, etc

Better utilization of material

Abrasive Waterjet Vs. Stamping-

No tooling required

Quicker turn around

No tooling maintenance

Less taper on thick parts




Meer precision is not interested in your projects. Seems like they don’t care about their customers…