Play test #1

Traffic sounds


Two players

Each player received twelve papers with different words, car, ice cream truck, ambulance and bike.

The dealer has four cards with the same kind of names as the players.

The dealer puts one of them in the table between the players.

The players have to find the kind of card given by the dealer, place one of that type and also make a sound associated with the card.

The first one to put it would win the hand and the other would take the cards to add them to theirs.

The dealer then puts the next type and repeats the same dynamic.

The first to get rid of the cards will win.

Comments from users

“It’s not funny when you loose” (Said in a funny way)

  • It felt possible and also good to be able to turn the tide during the game, even if you where losing by a large score.
  • It was fun in general.
  • The reason to create sound was confusing, but making sounds was fun, and also hearing sounds from others. It would be nice to be able to create interference while the other is making the sound.
  • The physical interaction could be designed better, and more fun.
  • More players could make it more fun
  • The time waiting for the next instruction was interesting to be always a different one, because it would give a feeling of uncertainty that was fun.
  • When running out of cards (almost winning) you where forced to loose if you didn’t have the right card. It was frustrating, but it was also fun because you where expecting luck to be on your side, and you would not only rely on your skills and focus.
  • “I feel like I’m also collaborating with the other to make noises.” Or encouraging the other to make funnier noises.
  • Is it for kids?
  • It could be more difficult so adults would have more challenge and interest

Next experiment: 

For the next experiment the rules could be shifted towards a free or collective collaborative sound creation.

Also playing with time restrictions and amount of sounds to be produced by each player.

Increasing the amount of possible sounds to be played.