Dice music


Dice music for computational ears.


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Roll a die with six sides.

Write the resulting number on a file.

Repeat 500 times.

Assign a sound value to each number.

Prepare yourself for the sound.

Play the sequence of sounds.


The questions to explore:


How random this dice is?

How can I perceive the random pattern generated by the dice?

An attempt to represent the dice in the dimension it is meant for, time.

The tension between order and chaos.

The sound piece is inspired by the Fluxus movement ideas, and artists like John Cage, that looked for inviting randomness into the process of art-making. And also to the works I have been doing exploring randomness through the repetition and visualization of “random actions” Please visit my website and see the ALEA JACTA EST section:  http://www.nicolassanin.com/


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