Hell-ectronic music

Hell-ectronic music is the result of a combination of data produced from the interaction of a cyclist and a bicycle on a bike simulator and three sound samples produced by cars.

The inspiration sources are the train music by Pierre Scaffer and the Ufo Sightings piece by  Hanna Davis.  I wanted to bring these ideas along to the idea of noise vs music that I started to think about when I did the traffic jam, an “Instrument of torture” to produce and listen to car sounds. You can play different sounds of cars at the same time, producing a chaotic and sometimes relaxing sound piece.

I produced the data making different sessions of 5 minutes each on the bike simulator, trying to create different rhythms int he variable I used: speed, pedaling cadence and heart beats per minute.

This variable where taken into the P5 code. They affect the looped samples from car sounds, so they create rhythms and different pitches of them as they also affect the duration of the looped samples.  I used the P5 Library  play sound.rate for this purpose.

The result was very noisy and interesting in some ways. But I think I need to work it a lot more to make it more inclined into the listenable spectrum.

I’m also thinking about possible ways of taking data from cars.

I want to implement other functions from the library as Reverb to make the sound more interesting and dynamic.


Ride#3 (Riding hard mode)

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