Project ideas

The idea is to create a new version of one of the following works, using the laser cutter as the main tool. Also to create a design that can allow something like LED colored lights to replace the painting and ink that were used to make this works. That would allow them to change in time and also would open into a different aesthetical dimension. We could see how the process by which the  “works of art”, or image get completed as a sequence. That’s part of what’s missing in the existing pieces, we can only imagine how they were done, but we only get to see the final result of hundreds of repetitive simple actions.

The first is called “Spin wheel of fortune”  By spinning a roulette, we start collecting the results of the roulettes and also we begin to fill an empty grid with colors to visualize the results, and that way,  also revealing the tendency of the roulette.

We might build a new led displaying roulette and why not our own routes!

In any case, the goal is designing a piece that could be easily built and refurbished.  Meaning that the LEDs could be replaced easily.


3O LED lights instead of 30 shades of gray



ALEA JACTA EST Installation.



Another possibility would be doing an installation with laser cut cardboards with this pattern, that would be lit by a source coming from behind. The pieces would be hanging on the top of the space.

The space to be used could be dark, like the ITP documentation space.

People would be laying down on the floor to look at the piece hanging above them.

Maybe doing a Roulette clock?



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