Aural Fractals

Aural fractals 

Artist: Landscape Windscreen

I stumbled upon this piece on Youtube, with no idea about the author or how it was made. It came to me by searching for generative music. I’m glad it did.

The piece gave me a mix of positive feelings like peace and a relaxing sensation. The sounds it was made of where al digital, and not so many notes. I Heard a lot of Sharp and short notes, that had also a reverberation effect. The rhythm was very slow. Around those Sharp shrilled notes, I Heard some kind of arpeggios and also a sound in the lower spectrum of sound, that was creating some kind of surrounding space for all the rest to exist into that space. It really was effective in producing a sense of space. My guess would be that the interaction between the shrill notes, the reverberation effects, the low sounds and the arpeggios, along with a very slow rhythm (or lack of a beat) gave way to that sense of being inside some kind of watery cave or magical cathedral.

The duration of the piece was five minutes approximately. It was more than listenable. I fully enjoyed the five minutes, and at the end, I wished it was longer, but as my grandfather used to say: “If short and good, it’s twice as good”.

By the title a suppose there are some mathematical procedures for composing the piece, but as a non-mathematician as a non-musician connoisseur, I can’t try to guess how would that work. Hopefully, I can someday create something as pleasant as this piece!




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