Alea Jacta est version 0.85

Alea Jacta Est



Open CV as a way to recognize the results of the die was used and worked. But it is very difficult to rely on its precision because of fabrication factors and other variables that can affect its accuracy, such as light changes, material and dirt particles altering the environment, among others possible problems. An alternative would be trying to use Open CV in a different mode, maybe using color percentage detection. The other path to explore is the QR code technology.


Using the blender as a dice roller sounds like a fun, possible, simple and great idea. But it’s not… Its power is too much and it is easy to lose control of the mechanical parts that are not designed for this specific use. It can roll dice, it actually did, but not constantly. According to experienced teachers in fabrication like Ben Light and Danny Rozin, this will kill itself sooner than expected.


But the blender is a very effective metaphor for rolling dice. So the idea is creating a machine similar to a blender that will be easily controlled, and will also be usable for a very long period of time, repeating almost infinite cycles. For this purpose, the next step is researching about motors, and stepper motors because of their reliability.


The visualization is working as expected, but this is just the beginning. The idea will be to create a flexible interface for the user to change the image, keeping the input, which will be always from the collected and always growing results form the dice roller. With the visualization, sound could also be explored as a way of using the data from the dice. This could make the drawing process more enjoyable also and interactive if we allow the users to play with the values of sound, linked to each of the numbers of the die.


Another step will be creating the database functionality. Along with this, the next challenge or dream, is creating a function for the computer to “make bets” according to the stored data that is being built through time. To create some kind of machine learning function for this purpose. And in that case, it could be fun to create a competition between users and the computer, to try to guess the next results of the die.








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