Drawing: uncertain measure



Talking with Daniela, we realized we had a common interest, drawing. We both loved drawing, but we had a very different approach to it.  She likes to look at people and to make quick sketches of what they are doing. Her process is fast and intuitive. The results give you the feeling of the speed of life and also information about what the people were doing. In my case, I have been interested for some time in the idea of creating drawings in a very repetitive way, following simple instructions and rules of play. In these kind of drawings control of the final result is given to chance, or specifically to the collection of results taken form a die that is rolled many times.

The skills required to do each kind of drawings (Daniela’s and Nico’s) are different, but they also have similarities. We both need to have a very intense focus on the activity and also a great control of the tool we are using and our body, that is behind it.  We thought about how to reveal aspects of that drawing process using different means. We thought that i would be interesting to use the Kinnect to reveal the way we moved while drawing. We played with the code and finally came up with an interesting way of visualizing the movement and seeing also the movement through time.

The collected information actually became a drawing!  Some kind of futurist work of art, that reminded us also about works like Duchamp’s nude descending a staircase.  In this video you can see the Kinnect capture of our movement and also the video capturing at the same time our drawing process.  The sync is not perfect, but you can still understand whats going on. The Kinnect  video is interesting because it shows the complexity of how hour body moves, even doing something “as simple” as sitting down and drawing. This is off course just a fast an inaccurate experiment. But it can definitely could be done with more time, a careful setting and with and improved code to visualize things better.

We also came to an interesting common interest which is the work by Francis Bacon. He used to work in a very interesting way. He explored the limits between rationality, automatic thinking, intuition and randomness. He explored how the gestures that produce marks on paintings come from all this concepts, and how they all work together to try to create a balanced results (which he also believed to be impossible to achieve)

Something that could be very interesting would be taking different data like the brain activity, the pulse, the temperature from the different parts of the brain. Also comparing the initial state of this variables, and the final when the artwork it completed.

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