Consfess! by Nathier Fernandez and Nicolas Sanin

Confess and repent!!!

Nathier and I were raised in Colombia, a country with a very strong Catholic culture and values. The church has many rituals, rules, dogmas and sacraments. We chose to create a ritual besad on one of those sacraments: confession. Confession is for us a very interesting one for various reasons. It seems like an old way of having a therapist listening to you and also giving you advice. Also we can see it as a control mechanism for the church to control thoughts and behaviors from people.

From our own experience, we felt a bit traumatized in our childhood from being forced to tell our sins and bad behaviors and thoughts to a stranger. We felt that our intimacy was violated and we felt we didn’t have reasons to trust this stranger or to feel confortable revealing our darkest parts of us to them.

We decided to do a ritual to exorcise this trauma throw the use of irony and humor. As part of confession as a ritual of clearance of conscience a purge its necesary to go clean. And that its the parto on this code that  is still  under construction.

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