Unreal Nightmare

A 3D animation introduction exercise

The idea for this assignment was to learn how to create a 3d character and then import it along with some animations to an unreal Unreal Engine environment we created. We played with different programs and ways of creating 3d characters such as Mixamo, Adobe Fuse and scanning software like ITSEEZ3D.

We learned the basics of each program. We learned how we could use the powerful and complex platform of Unreal Engine software to create a virtual world that gives you almost infinite creative possibilities. It offers you the possibility to add any possible 3d object or characters to the stage you create, images, textures, videos and sounds into it. It offers the possibility to create the illusion of having cameras filming the animations and stages you create in the unreal environment.

What I learned

I got to try all the programs and also run into every possible problem you can think off! It was an interesting, frustrating and fun process at the same time. After many hours and struggles with the computers and software I could only get to the point of importing a character to an Unreal environment I created and a couple of animations that worked a some kind of digital animated self portrait of me as an exhausted I.T.P student. I learned how much time you have to spend with this kind of software to really be able to start creating an animation piece.




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