The idea of this exercise was doing a short animation stop motion story.

The process of nonsense was completely about playing and having fun. We decided to have the theater of the absurd as a reference and starting point. We then decided to work in a playful way, improvising along the way. The basic rules we followed where doing something that made no sense at all, so people would “make sense” and make their own interpretation of the action on the video. With these rule, we also decided to choose a few elements to play with. We chose objects that had almost no rational or use connection at all, such as elephants, dice, car toys and a coin. Then, the rest just happened while we started shooting the frames and moving the pieces across our stage. For the stage we decided to use a green background, so we could then make a surreal stage for the action to take place.

After finishing all the shooting, we constructed the audio to create a surreal and playful environment. We recorded the sounds produced by the toys we used, and we found an open source soundtrack that had elephants as a source of inspiration. Then started to imagine the background. We decided to look for a sky to make it very dreamlike. We found this colorful sky that worked perfect for us, and also had this pink tones that made us think about hallucinating and seeing pink elephants.

When we played the animation with the sound, we laughed and realized there could only be one tittle for this: Nonsense.

What we learned

We found out how much expressive potential the stop motion language has. We learned how to work with Dragon frame. We also understood how important is the stage design for creating a stop motion project. We had good luck with that part of the process. We took our time to create a confortable environment to play around with our elements. Still, it was hard to move the elements around the stage. We learned how important is the coordination between the person that moves the stage and the photographer. We learned to work in a different non rational mode, giving chance and intuition some room to make unexpected things happening. We also learned how to embrace the stop motion language and turn it in our favor to give way to a particular look and feel that is coherent to the action.

What to improve

Talking about the project with everyone at class, we came to the conclusion that the animation was very fun, but it could have a little bit of dramatic tension in it, so it would be more shocking and even funnier.

The link to watch our first “Masterpiece”, we hope you enjoy it!  Nonsense

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