Catsino Royale

This groundbreaking hallmark masterpiece was conceived when Mai thought about how sad was leaving Uni and Snictzel at home everyday, when she left her place. We started asked ourselves what could the cats do while she was away all day. They have a box that they love to play with. So we thought about creating a story about the cats going inside of it. Then the idea of breaking the boring routine of waiting at home led us to think about the possibility for the cat’s escaping to a parallel reality or world through the portal.

We then thought about them going to party and meeting with some other animals and then coming back home with their new friends as a surprise for Mai. We then talked about how crazy was Las Vegas, and realized we could send them to this dream like or nightmare kind of city.

We then started to gather the material and preparing the assets. Then as we started to produce the animation we realized we could simplify the story and to add a better surprise element for the end of the story. We decided to have the cats gambling and winning a million dollars, and then returning home as Lions.

What we learned:

We learned basic after effects skills, like how to animate the characters, and how to move the cameras. We realized how much work an animation piece requires. How each single detail requires so much time. Also how important the asset creation is, so you can be able to create a smooth, natural and convincing animation. We where able to use a photographic collage look for our animation.

What to improve

We need to practice after effects and spend a lot of time into it, to fully take advantage of the programs possibilities and potential. We could also try to have a longer version of the animation, or a more detailed one, while keeping the same style and look. We also have to ad the other cat to the scenes between the first an last.

The link to enjoy Catsino Royal’s first version:

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