Night delirium!!!


The moment I saw King Charle’s Elephants I fell in love. They are as expressive as can be… Then I imagined them spinning and moving in not too fluent movements as real elephants move.

So finally, the moment came to do a project with a motor at ITP.  It seems easy to work with a little motor at first sight. But then the problem arises: how to attach it so it can work properly? and how to attach  firmly the components it is going to move?

I looked at all the types of motors and systems of anchorage. I finally decided to chose this motor because of the way it worked, of the price, but also because it had a possibility to be mounted with screws on the side

As good pilots do, I checked the engine. So I started working… I got some scraps of wood, some screws and also the wheel I decided to buy for assembling the motor to the platform that would hold and spin the elephant. The assembling of the wheel was simple. The hardest part to figure out was how to attach the motor to a firm surface. After giving it various thoughts, I decided to create a wooden base to hold it. It worked better than imagined and I put some screws to make sure it will still remain in it’s place.

Then I focused in assembling the wheel to the platform. I  used a system of screws and nuts to do so. And after having a firm grip between both surfaces, I decided to glue the elephant to the decorative surface. Then I turned of the Arduino after strugling with cable issues (P-Com typical problems) After that it finally rotated. It was a beautiful moment. That simple movement made me feel as when I was a child at school…

So this was the process in images:



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