Modular enclosure system, it’s nuts!!!

I wanted to create basic standards for the future ITP projects. So I designed this enclosure having that in mind and related to that, the concept of flexibility, expandability and functionality, while trying to give a great “sexy” look to the enclosure. I wanted an enclosure to easily be opened, that it will also allow curious people and myself, to look all the components inside to understand whats going on… Also a firm enclosure to protect the components. And finally an enclosure that can be reused many times, saving me money and time. An important aspect was size. Having one that would fit the tiny locker at ITP and also light and reasonably small to take on the subway, because I left my car in Colombia…

So I first measured things I could possibly be fitting inside. Then i went to the container store and home depot to look at boxes and such things. i found this whit box that inspired me and right away I understood how would I solve all the needs with this boxes, that are stackable and come in different sizes and colors. They offer many possibilities to hack them as I did. I hacked them without damaging them for now… But this is just a prototype… I could make some more changes, to make them a perfect fit for most projects at ITP and after. I also found a solution to match the same logic of one element that this boxes offer: The 1/4 screw and nut. This it nuts!!! they are the soul of this simple system. They tie everting and they also hold the acrylic lid (with could also be replaced easily with any possible material you can imagine)

The process of enabling and tweaking it wasn’t difficult but a very demanding one for all the details to be solved… But with great patience, like Mark Sandman singed, and beautiful music, you can work for hours and enjoy the process a lot more! details like magnets make it a bit fancier but are not really necessary after all… but I love them!!!

I hope I can make this better so I can use them for many years to come!

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