Color makes you happy!!!

I decided to do something related to one of my passions: Painting. I love painting and geometry. I also like the idea of playing and painting. And something else I love is education. I wanted to try to bring laser cutting and painting together, so interesting results could come into place. Then, I decided to take this idea of the main questions about what a painting is or can be. As Frank Stella wrote:

“There are two problems in painting: finding what a painting is, and the other is making a painting”

So with this game of color and shape, I thought I could explain to my little nephews what I sometimes do as a painter.  I think the best way to learn and to teach is putting your mind and your hands into action. So I designed this simple but fun to play with painting-color puzzle, that is open to modification by the users.  I’m thrilled about trying it with them!

The process was simple. Taking a basic shape from one of my paintings, with the basic shapes it is constructed. They are part of a pattern known as the Penrose patter, named after Roger Penrose, a genius!!! I then laser printed the base into wood, and then printed the same shape into acrylic several times. I decided to paint the acrylic so it could have a mat side an a glossy one, and also to be able to ad texture in one side, to be able to have the contrast with the other glossy smooth side. I chose the “basic” closet to primary colors, as as starting point for an ever expanding constellation of color possibilities to play with. I also left some transparent shapes, so they can paint them with colors the decide to use. I’ll teach them someday about using the laser, so they can make more shapes and expand their game!

I’m happy to have a Christmas present for Mati and Salvi, I hope they enjoy this a I do!


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  1. La combinacion de los colores le da todo el sentido al nombre de la obra “color makes you happy”, algo mas para resaltar es la sensación 3D de las figuras que hacen que el espectador quiera interactuar con la obra.

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