“In God we trust!!!”

It finally came into place… I tried to understand and figure out how to calculate the amount of energy for the LED’S, but after many attempts time almost run out. I was freaking out… collapsing physically and emotionally… I didn’t want to Plan b, or c or d.  But I had to!!! There was no time left. No room for error or failure. Kind of a do or die situation. So I called my brother in law for clearing information about the electrical part, so I could solve the energy LED issues (he is an electrical engineer). Honestly, I still don’t fully understand how electricity works, so I’ll have to put my head and hands into it, to accomplish more complex tasks. He advised me to just use direct connection between the LED and batteries. I had seen many tutorials on the web (Instructables and you tube), with simple projects accomplished in this kind of way. So I decided to give it a try, and to adapt to my resources (materials, time). Where all about going to the basics: Connecting a LED straight to a power source in this case two AAA Batteries. So I began to improvise, and I finally got to the point of having a working flashlight with to possible modes. The flashlight goes in on mode while you connect the cable with your fingers, and always on, if you lock the cable between the coins. The interesting thing about it, is that that user has to find the way to do it. It only takes a couple of seconds for some, and sometimes minutes.

I looked at all this kind of tutorials like the list in the following link:

I also added as a picture, the process of building Flashlight, by one of the members of the Instructables community, that was the main inspiration for my plan A for the Flashlight.


I made lots of mistakes… millions of them… Next post will be about that, and how I became aware through this exercise of many bad habits I have. But also positive things that I also have to work to make better use out of them. The lesson of the week is work harder, (time plus PI) and “Trust in god” as it is written in the penny that solved my final problem of having a confortable “button” or trigger for the flashlight. I also fell into an obsession of doing the electrical part in a way beyond my knowledge at this point, that almost got me into not solving the challenge. I wanted to do the most beautiful and functional flashlight I could, but I realized it wont be done in the first attempt. So grandma said many times “the devil wanted to make his son so perfect, that his son’s eyes were twisted” Forget about perfection, but keep working to improve. Never give up!

What did I learn from my mistakes? (NEXT POST)

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