2 Replies to “Let there be light! and also very light!”

  1. Here’s are some of the steps of the process to make my first Flashlight ever! It’s been much harder than it would seem at first, and second sight.

    I chose to do it using recycled materials. It would be a nice idea to do a bricolage Flashlight. But one that worked fine as a Flash light, that was comfortable and would not be left without being used ever. It would also save me money from materials, and would also be nice to recycle.

    I had different option as seen in the pictures. It still not easy to pick a case to give structure to the system. I still have to figure out a system to use the flashlight on the from or back of my bicycle.

    But more important of now, is to solve the electrical issues that I haven’t been able to solve, and also to lear to solder so it becomes a really good quality product. I hope to be able to use it and fell very proud about it! please comment when you see the final results.

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