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I love art. I have a fine arts background and also used to teach art history. Currently I am a student at ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) at NYU.

“I believe in a perfectly ordered chaos” Francis Bacon


Play test #1

Traffic sounds Instructions Two players Each player received twelve papers with different words, car, ice cream truck, ambulance and bike. The dealer has four cards with the same kind of names as the players. The dealer puts one of them in the table between the players. The players have to find the kind of card …

Die is the answer!

http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/nicosanin/sketches/ryd5_hccM Die is the answer! For this meditation I chose to play with the idea of automatic writing, the concept of the authorship, and also with the idea of randomness as a topic. I took the given example using the Markov chain, provided in class, to make a ready made of this code, in order …